Monday, January 26, 2009

A lot about nothing really

Okay let us just talk a moment about the 4” layer of ice that was my car this morning! It took not 15, not 20, not even 30 minutes to scrape my way to the inner surface…but ONE Friggen hour! And that is what happens when it rains and snows at the same time in Utah. The doors were frozen shut so I couldn’t even get in to turn the car on. Were I able to enter the car then I could have started the great dethaw (Is that even a word or just Utah slang? I guess it would be easier to just say “thaw” as opposed to “dethaw” wouldn’t dethaw mean to re-freeze?) From the inside, while I worked relentlessly on the outside. I’m pretty sure I have frost bite on my lobes and thumbs.

Politics: Ohhhh politics. I am so tired of the endless bantering. I am very grateful that I live in a country where I can stay informed (or mostly informed depending on the lie) on all levels. However, it’s the constant bickering and bitching that finally makes you turn off the TV in disgust right? To be shamefully honest I was sort of looking forward to a democrat being in office so they would just shut up and quit all that complaining, and now the Republicans have started up. NO ONE CAN EVER DO ANYTHING RIGHT IN THIS COUNTRY. Unless you land a plane on the Hudson, but I don’t even know how to fly and most of my party members don’t know how either. (Please don’t leave me comments about how the ‘process’ of freedom works…I get it. I just get tired of all the fighting even though I am blessed to have it.)
Love: It’s almost Valentine’s day…again. Why are we always celebrating this holiday? I swear it comes along 4 times a year. Beth and I went to Wal-Mart the other night and happened upon the ‘Valentine Isle’. What a fluffy overkill of a holiday. So commercialized and ridiculous. Okay I am fully lying about my feelings and the V Day. I love it! I wish someone would give me some chocolates and flowers and even some of that fluff, perhaps in the shape of a teddy bear! Please leave me comments about your Valentine’s Day plans so that I can live vicariously through you!
Annie: Yesterday morning I rolled over to this: And I couldn’t help myself; I had to get a picture. She is so “friggen fabulous”. (Stolen quote from Clinton Kelly.)
Other things: I cut my hair off. Well, not OFF, I mean it still hits my shoulders, but I think they took like 6 inches or so. I was really liking it until today. I think that I thought that if I cut my hair then magic would happen I would suddenly look 20 pounds lighter. That didn’t happen. However, it only took me 5 minutes to do my hair today, so full on bonus!


This will at the very least...make you smile.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nanny? Taxes? Cheating?

Ewwww, scandal perhaps? I actually am feeling kind of sorry for Caroline Kennedy today. I think there is no mystery here. I think that she knew she was not going to be picked (perhaps because she is unable to even answer a question in real sentence form, “you know what I mean”) and to save face she ran away from a responsibility that she really never wanted. Any who…that’s my take. I honestly can’t believe that she would try to fill this seat anyway. Just because your Dad was a president doesn’t mean that you are obligated to work in politics. I are still American Royalty. No one can take that from you girlfriend! Oh where is John-John when we need him, when she needs him? He never wanted anything to do with politics. God he was hot.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Current Craft

Okay, I know it has all been said before, but if you have never used a crocheted washrag, you have never experienced true cleaning satisfaction. I have been making these all week. I think I am making them to dwarf my lack of patience at buying a house. It makes me feel like even though I have not yet bought a house, I will one day, and when I do I will place my fabulous little washrags in their proper drawer. Anyway, while I am at it, if you don’t have one of these, let me know and I will make you one because you are my loved ones and you should not have to clean your kitchen again without having this fabulousness.

Caught with the fly down

I don’t normally laugh at others misfortunes...accept when they are way more fortunate than me! No just kidding, because this is totally something that would happen to me, I would love to feel some kind of empathy for him on this occasion, but I have grown to dislike the man and here is why: Angelina Jolie (who by-the-way I totally loved the first time I saw. Even as a crazy and unsettled post-teen I liked her for being a little daring and wearing what’s-his-names hair or blood or something to the liking around her neck). However, I just don’t like her anymore. She just puts off this "I am way better than all the rest of you" vibe that I can’t get over. Does she think this because she has the money to go to Africa and bring children back here for a way better life (sarcasm). Probably. I don’t know. But she has ruined Brad Pitt as well. He isn’t even cute anymore! Like even if he shaved he would still be, not as cute as he once was. I blame Angie. P.S besides the obvious, why is he wearing a women’s scarf. LAME-O. Also what is with the hat? I mean hasent he stepped out of character yet with the old Button routine?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


This morning I was watching Snapped on TV (so that I could stop the negative thinking that bombards me in the mornings and ultimately ends up ruining my day, yeah I have what I call 'fits' of negativity and they hit especially hard in the morning and when I am cleaning...go figure) and there was this woman who killed her boyfriend (who never loved her and constantly told her he wanted out of the relationship) while they were sleeping with a gun and then ended up spooning with him the rest of the night. Wow, that was the longest run-on I have ever created and I have definitely created my share of run-ons! Anyways she kills the man and then cuddles with him all night. It disturbed me, as was the intention, and then I turned off the TV and went about my day. Then (while working very hard) I came across this image:
And I am reminded all over again of the story that sent chills down my spine. Okay it didn’t really freak me out that bad, but now, I am picturing dead kittens cuddling and what is actually an adorable picture is now sad and gruesome. I would at this time continue on and confess to you that I must be one sick individual, but.....come on, you guys already know that about me and so I will bid you farely well. (Even though I have just plastered, splinters of yucky thoughts into your heads).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HA! I don’t know why this makes me laugh...but I just think the whole scenario is hilarious! I can't even side with one or the other. I mean, if it's true and she has been cheating...then I think he sortof has a point. If it seems like he's bitter...well, maybe he has a right to be!

Divorcing Couple Battle Over Kidney
(Jan. 13) - The couple for whom a kidney donation has become a $1.5 million sticking point in divorce proceedings squabbled publicly Monday during a Long Island court appearance, according to the New York Post. "This is a man who put his life on the line, and his wife treated him like a piece of dirt, garbage," said an attorney for Richard Batista, who claims his wife cheated on him after the transplant, according to the Post.
Dr. Richard Batista claims his wife cheated on him soon after he gave her a kidney. The couple are getting divorced, and now he wants the organ back, or $1.5 million. Dawnell Batista denies his accusations. She filed the divorce papers in 2005. The Batistas, pictured here in happier times, married in 1990.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Along came Dispicable

I figured when your wife left you for being a sex addict, you would, for the first time in years be able to show up to all the award shows with as many ladies on your arms as you could fit! However….David did not take this opportunity. He must be trying to get the wife to come back to him. Now he sorta looks pathetic and scrawny. I think rehab must have worked too well!
P.S I think Calvin Klein suits should be reserved for boys and young 20 somethings.

I lost It

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday with my Dad to do some grocery shopping. It was crowded. Really crowded, and people are so slow and in the way and it’s so frustrating to even walk down one isle. My Dad was slow. He kept throwing things into the basket that we didn’t need. I tried to explain that I don’t have the money to just throw things into the cart all Wiley-nilley. He didn’t seem to notice. We made it to the back of the store where the yogurt is. A girl stood there in the way, dazed, taking her time and talking on the phone. I waited. I didn’t want to run over her or push her out of the way. Finally she walked back to her cart and I expected her to move along, but she didn’t she just sat there in front of the yogurt talking and looking confused. Finally she moved enough that I figured it was my turn and so I walked up and attempted to grab the flavors that Dad and I like when I am surrounded by fat, hurried women who obviously all feel that waiting and being polite is not for them. They were everywhere. I couldn’t find the ones I was looking for and people were touching me and reaching over me and around me and…. Well, I flipped. I don’t remember all I said, but it was in reference to hungry desperate cattle and wild animalistic behaviors. I walked back over to the cart where my Dad stared in horror and I said “we should leave before we are killed.” A lady next to me said, (in a rude annoyed voice) “Oh chill out were not going to kill you.” I said “Well I doubt that, just like I doubt that I can come into Wal-Mart on a Sunday and have everyone act like HUMANS.” My Dad was totally humiliated. I felt really guilty for embarrassing him. I felt embarrassed too. I couldn’t help it, the anxiety had been building and building all through the store and then I finally broke. I won’t go to Wal-mart on Sunday anymore.

Friday, January 9, 2009

What do people do?

I used to never watch TV. Then when I moved into my apartment and the world became lonely, I began to watch TV every day. It all snowballed from there and then got to the point that watching TV was all I did. I have come to a conclusion though….I Don’t Even Like TV. I am always miserable when I am watching it. It depresses me. It makes me feel…board. So having come to this conclusion I decided that I wouldn’t watch TV anymore. Now a life without TV is strange. What the hell was I doing before I got sucked in? What did I do with my time? I feel like it has caused an identity crisis. It has forced me to ask ‘identity crisis’ questions like “Well, what do I like to do?” I can honestly say that I have no idea what I like to do, I am just looking for something to do that I don’t hate! It’s really annoying. Luckily I have a job that requires me to stay at work for 10 hours a day leaving barely enough time to get home, eat dinner and wash the sweat off before I have to go to bed. And so that’s a blessing. I know I am supposed to be going to a movie this weekend with the girls, very different from watching TV and so I can handle that. Anyway, I am sitting here at my desk thinking about how its Friday and I get to do whatever I want this weekend and I how I just cant wait to get off of work, but then what am I so excited for? I have nothing to do. No stupid TV to watch, no big plans (except the movie…and the fact that I will spend Saturday with Annie because it’s her Birthday.) This reminds me…I have purchased the cutest Birthday gifts for my sweet dog! I am excited to give them to her she is going to be so siked (too 1980?). I should go to the gym, but yeah, like that's ever gonna happen?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 10th

I made this for Annie's Birthday.
I should have it printed and framed it turned out alot cuter than I thought it would....thanks in large part to Beth's awesome photography! click on image

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Goodbye to 2008