Monday, September 29, 2008

The Dow Plunges with my hopes

I guess like all Americans (or should I say Humans world wide) this mornings news sorta scares the hell out of me. I wonder if this means I should give up on the house purchasing plans for a few years. I wonder if I will have to give up on those plans. What bank in their right mind is gonna loan money to anyone? They are going to be so gun shy now.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Musical Road

Musical Road Hits Sour Notes With NeighborsLocal officials say it was a mistake to allow a television commercial company to grind grooves into a stretch of desert roadway near Lancaster to enable car tires to play a song -- "The William Tell Overture" -- as people drive over it.The sounds are disturbing people in a nearby subdivision, the Daily News reports. The City of Lancaster plans to pave over the musical grooves Tuesday.Persons driving the posted 55 miles an hour west on Avenue K, in the high desert about five miles west of the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway, hear about 38 musical notes of the well-known theme, also known as the overture to "The Lone Ranger."American Honda has paid for the promotion as part of a television ad campaign set to air this fall, but amateurs have peppered YouTube with homemade renditions of their own vehicles rolling over the grooves.The road is tuned to a car just exactly the length, and equipped with tires the same size, as a Honda Civic, a spokesman for Honda said. But other vehicles are also successful in playing the notes, if a little off-key.That noise is not exactly music to the ears of persons living in a nearby subdivision, who are telling the Daily News that the notes blend into a cacophony that keeps them awake at night."When you hear it late at night, it will wake you up from a sound sleep," said music critic Brian Robin, who lives a half mile away from the project. "It's awakened my wife three or four times a night," he told the newspaper.But people from elsewhere are delighted. "I think it's kind of cool," said Peggy Hager of Llano. "When you are driving out on Avenue K, you're going out to the middle of nowhere. It's a nice surprise to come across this thing."Avenue K got its groove on Sept. 5, and the sour notes from neighbors soon reached a crescendo at City Hall, said Pauline East, the Antelope Valley Film Office liaison officer. The street was volunteered to help attract filmmakers and their dollars to the High Desert, she said."Was it historic? Yes," she told the Daily News."Maybe the wrong location? Obviously. We thought it was far enough away."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another One That Got Away

It wasn’t long ago that BBF Nichole told me the sorrowful story of the year her husband gave her a ‘car buffer’ for Christmas. I hung my head (as does the other BFF’s when we hear reminders of this tragedy) as we know that “We”, the women of the world, had apparently ‘lost one’. For many a decade now our kind has been standing up against this form of cruelty with a sort of outright naked aggression, but sometimes, our voices fail us and one gets by.
This morning another BBF, let us call her Ricki, announced that her husband, excited and unable to contain himself, gave her her Birthday gift last night (4 days early mind you). It was (another) scope for her rifle. This avid hunter of a man really thought hard and apparently this is what he came up with. And so my fellow sisters, let us all take a moment of silence to remember our still suffering friend Ricki, and hope that (even though she is still in a little denial about the disappointment) she will once again find her voice and rise above it all to declare once again and for all woman kind “WE WANT SPA CERTIFICATES, BALLET TICKETS, DINNER, a fun ADVENTURE or perhaps for the married ones even a little ROMANCE”.
Despite this unfortunate mishap Richelle is in a wonderful mood and does not feel the sting to its full extent, and for this I am thankful.
I cannot end without mentioning that if your husband does go wayward with a gift, all is not lost. Remember Nichole? Her story is a happy one and with Nicholes determination and hard work her husband is in full remission.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A little input here

So I wanted to create a blog to post my thoughts. A place where my peeps could reply (perhaps without fear of my response). But to title a blog is no easy thing. To take everything that I am and wrap it up into one sentence, well…I couldn’t do that in an entire book. So there I was faced with a conundrum. Nutty Bubbles and Tadpoles arrived from a strange train of thoughts. And no it’s not sexual. I do like nuts. Stop itttt. I mean I like pistachios and almonds and peanuts (of which my mother told the public when I was growing up, that I was terribly allergic to, so she could get attention, and then no one babysitting me would ever let me have a PB&J along with the other kids….totally cruel). And while I was at it, I started thinking of childhood and that’s where the bubbles and tadpoles came from. I never once challenged the idea that my site sounded a bit like a porn ring. It was following the discussion of my blog with many others that I realized; this may not be such a good name for a blog. Especially after my Aunt Jill pulled a kind of grossed out face and said slowly and almost in a whisper…”huh…..cute”. That’s when I realized “they think I am running a full blown porn site in which I must be the star”. Now I am hot, but please…morals people. Besides although I am star quality, I am not SUPER star quality. If I were a movie star, I wouldn’t be a Bette Midler or Julia Roberts, no, I would be the kind of star that you really like, but soon forget about after you have seen the movie, like Diane Keaton or that one lady from Grease (No, Not Olivia). So anyways, I need a new name. One that describes me and doesn’t lead people to believe that I am running online colorful activities. So you guys know me, if you were to name a blog given what you know about me, what would you call it?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Front Fell Off

Watch this hilarious interview. The legend goes like this: On August 19th 2007 an oil tanker off the coast of Australia split in two, dumping 20,000 tons of crude oil into the ocean. -Thanks for this Audrey - made my day!