Monday, December 15, 2008

Game for a little Bush Wacking?

Some points and questions
1. Wouldn’t a Stiletto do more damage?
2. Do you think they returned his shoes to him after it was over, or…do you think they kept them as evidence? If they kept the shoes do you think they will be in a museum one day?
3. Okay where the hell were the lethally top trained security people that are supposed to be there before the bullet strikes? I mean, aren’t they supposed to catch the bullet in the chest and die for their president, go out in a flame of glory to always be remembered and respected? If they won’t even get up for a shoe...what chance do our presidents have?
4. I am actually impressed by his swift athletic ducks. You can’t learn that in college people, you have to be born with it.
5. How embarrassing. He should really consider not traveling for the remainder of his time in office. Wouldn’t a phone call suffice?