Monday, December 22, 2008

Guilt Trip Accomplished!

Oh how the calls have flooded in! Boy what a rain storm my last blog has caused! (I never knew there were so many who read this stupid thing). I need you all to know that I am totally and completely aware that I am so loved. I want to make clear that my last blog entry was about loss, change, irrational fears, and my own inabilities to completely recover from something that is impossible to completely recover from. Maybe I should not have written it as I see that it could be misconstrued or possibly conveyed that I do not feel as cherished as I know I am, but then I am glad I did because it was about as honest as I could possibly be about something that will continue to affect me forever. Change is inevitable as we all know, and with it growth. Growing pains are necessary and it is those that I was referring to. I love you all so much! From now on, I think I am gonna make this a yearly tradition; About 3 days before my Birthday I am going to put all of you on the biggest guilt trip ever and receive days of attention in reward! Totally kidding! I am so sorry if I made anyone feel bad or unappreciated...Especially my family.
I had a wonderful Birthday. I was not home to recieve many of your calls, but it was a very fun day. If you can imagine, I even forced Dad to go to Rainbow Gardens for a Mormon muffin and shopping. And he actually survived. I felt horrible about it but it was soooo funny, he only used 2 inappropriate words throughout the whole thing. He looked so confused. Like I had taken a country boy and set it down in the middle of New York or something. He said, (and he says this every year just to remind me) "Texie, did you know they did a study and a man shopping during the holidays encounters as much stress as a fighter pilot during war?" I said "Yes, I think I did hear that somewhere Dad". What a tough ol' cowboy enduring that much stress only 9 months after a heart attack. What a man wont do for his daughter.
I also had a wonderful get together with my friends. We had a Rock Band night and we were legendary.


Cole said...

I have to say that your last blog entry was great. It was what a blog should be feelings, emotions and what was on your mind. Sure I still cry when I read the first paragraph of that blog but it was what you were feeling. I will take emotional rambling over fluff any day.
Love you much