Friday, December 12, 2008


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I have been trying to quit smoking, but when I read this email at work today, the first thing I wanted to do is go outside take a huge drag off a smoke and blow it in their faces. There is a discrimination that is taking place in this country and it is an outrage! This is my body, I will do what I want with it and it is not the business of my work, or my government and they should bud out! The only way this discrimination against smokers will ever be fair is when they outlaw chocolate (or threaten fat people with being fired for eating it) because chocolate makes you fat and causes heart disease just like cigarettes. Now how rational is that?


Beth said...

Wow. The whole thing bothers me too but haven't decided what can be done.

Cygnus said...

Sorry. I take my hat off to the company that is taking the initiative. No one ever contracted cancer from second-hand chocolate. IF there has been any discrimiation at all, it's been IN FAVOR of the smoker who gets a smoke break in addition to their regular breaks. I don't get a chocolate break. Or a cheese break. Or ... well, insert-addictive-food break here.

It's the company's property--not the employee's property. Personally, if I ran a business, I would absolutely use this as the no-smoking policy model.

I know you're trying to overcome smoking, and I applaud your efforts. How's that coming along, anyway? Do I need to come rip up all your sticks and throw them away? OHHH, that's RIGHT! I couldn't even I wanted to because either Debbie or Amber would have me arrested! Or something equally stupid.


Texie said...

Breaks: First of all, we all get breaks, what I choose to do with them is my business just as eating chocolate can be your own business Chris.
Next, they arent taking initiative, they are taking control! Control which is not theirs! My BODY, My CHOICES, My LIFE! I am not smoking around anyone, I am not endangering the lives of others, this is just an empty hatred and another chance to minimalize the democracy we are indebted to and (some of us) commited to! Even God believes in free will, I mean who do they think they are!