Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas Ledge

The talk in the office this morning is of the super fun office Christmas party that took place last Saturday. Apparently there were prizes and gifts, drawings and karaoke. I didn’t go.
"Why?" You may be asking. Well it wasn’t because of my normal social anxieties that I did not show up to the yearly office festivities. My reason is actually kind of lame. I didn’t go because everyone at the party brings their spouses and significant others. As a single (the only single) what was I to do? Sit there and try to talk chit chat with co-workers as their spouses attempted to pull them away to hit the dance floor? No thanks. I mean the whole event is centered on doing things with your extra special person. Well what if my extra special person.... is me?
I find it interesting that the suicide rate increases so much at this time of year. I mean really, there are many things far worse than being alone. Or maybe it’s because I am not actually a lonely person that I am spared from leaping off the ledge of a tall building.
With that being said, there really is no truer time than Christmas to remind you that you are Bridget Jones, without the dates, office crush, or drunken single friends. On the upside being single at the Holidays means:
1. No matter what, I will be doing my things with my family and my friends no matter what. No schedule conflicts to deal with what-so-ever!
2. I don’t have to spend additional money on something extra special for my extra special person. Important during this economically challenged time!
3. I don’t have to fret about finding something fantastic to wear to his family outings. My family and friends don’t really care what I wear as long as I show up right?
4. I can spend my extra time with my adorable dog. (That may sound pathetic.. and it is, but I still enjoy it a lot.)
Okay so that is all I can think of, certainly there are additional reasons to be excited about my status during this time of year? Any suggestions? The internet can be more lonely a world than the real one because people don’t feel obligated to answer you. Even if they feel inclined to answer I don’t think they usually do. My point is, if you are alone at this time of year, then it is your own dang fault. Now don’t start walking over to the ledge. All is not lost, I mean do you even have a dog?


Cole said...

This list could go on and on but I need to run so here are just a few.
5. You can decorate the Christmas tree the way you want to decorative it.
6. You won’t be disappointed about the extra special gift this said loved one failed to pick out. I mean how many times do you have to explain we really don’t want guns or car products for gifts.
You know you have plenty of girlfriends that would attend any function as your significant other. ;)

Texie said... make me smile and bring a twinkle to mine eye.

The Cooper's said...

Tex, I just love you. You are so right when you said that family doesn't care what you wear, just as long as you show up. I'm excited to see you in a few weeks and, as ALWAYS, I'm sure you will look darling!

beth said...

Ditto on Cole's comment -- you know we would probably have gone.
The sad thing is I always wanted to go to these parties and my significant other never told me about them.