Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 50

I would assume that I have this whole thing licked and that I will never again be hit with the urge to smoke. It feels like its over. However my cousin had been quit for 3 months before she broke down. Like with any addiction, all it takes is once and you are back to practicing the habit as if you had never quit. So I am trying to stay vigilant and guarded. I have no idea how long it will take before I feel "safe" or like I can trust myself. It was just last week that I sat on Beth's patio and wanted one so bad, and at that moment I regretted quitting because just "One" smoke in the Autumn air would have rocked um out. But instead....I went in.


The Cooper's said...

You are seriously so inspiring to me! Hang in there- you can do it!!

Jylaire said...

Well done! Now, just stop thinking about smoking and start thinking about the half marathon you promised to run with me next summer! (I talked Jenny into it too...) Get running!

Daniel Nabors Jr said...

You are strong and dominant in your abilities to stop smoking. I had not choice when i quite I was in jail, I must say when its not around for almost a year the feeling of being around it is no longer an issue. God Bless keep up the amazing work :)

Texie said...

Thanks Jenny.
Jylaire - Im not running yet but I have been hitting the treadmill everyday.
Daniel - Just out of curiosity...what did you do to land yourself in jail for a whole year? If that is what it takes to not want to smoke anymore I think I might consider breaking the law :) Just kidding. Thanks for the well wishes!

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