Friday, April 18, 2008

To be a Lady like Jane

Do you ever just want to get lost in a Jane Austen world? You know, where the rules are all laid out for you and if you break them your sister will tell you so? I would love to go back and live in the times of appropriateness. (Probably because I never challenge my own discretion). I saw this book and it’s just the cutest little thing. I really will have to buy it. It comes complete with directions on the following;
· How to become a lady
· How to run a Great House
· How to Indicate Interest in a Gentleman without seeming Forward
· How to Throw a dinner party
· How to choose and buy clothing
Supposedly full of practical directions for navigating the travails of Regency life. How charming.


Anonymous said...

I love, Love, LOVE Jane's work. It blows me away that we still read her stuff. It is so OLD but we can still relate. I love the Movies just as much as the books.

I cant wait to flip threw this book. How fun!!


Cygnus said...

I'm not at all a Jane Austen fan, but clearly you are. Hey . . . get it! You deserve a good book. :)