Thursday, April 3, 2008

Encounter with the Gum Girl!

Here is what happened: I decide to enroll at Phoenix University! After all they are geared toward working adults, are accredited, and my work will pay tuition reimbursement. I prayed all the way there and asked God for his will to be done for me and if he feels it would be in my best interest to enroll here, then to please let me have peace of mind and certainty about what I am doing. Boy did he answer my prayer.
The lady (let’s call her “gum girl”) that assisted me was a 41 year old woman who acted 10. To say she lacked intelligence is overrating her and she was oh so unprofessional. She was chewing gum and blowing bubbles and telling jokes with sexual innuendoes. It was really annoying because I was not in a “laugh at your inappropriate joke” mood; I was in a serious “I am making a life decision” mood. Despite her annoying gum chomping, I was almost sold on the idea. I asked what the total program would cost and was given this HUGE not worth it number. I mean Holy Cow. Considering the fact that I am not a strong willed individual and I teeter on being unreliable even to my own self, was I willing to enroll and risk losing huge amounts of money if I didn’t stick with it to graduate? The pukey feeling in my stomach said…”NO”. So I told her “I can’t do it” and asked how much it would be to finish my Associates degree. She said “We don’t offer an associates program but our Child company Axia, does”. Alrighty! I ask how much that will cost, and she tells me its about $7,000.00 to finish up the credits that I need. I said “alright, let’s do it.” As I sit at the computer and fill out the enrollment she hangs over me and pops bubbles in my ear and chomps on her gum. (Words cannot describe how much I hate gum chomping), and tells me every single thing to type into the questionnaire. Example: “Okay now where it says name, just type Texie”. OHHHH NOOOO. This is when I first realized that I was possibly making a big mistake but I had gone this far and decided just to finish. I feel horrible all the way home. I feel horrible all that night and into the next day. About noon time yesterday I do some research and although Phoenix University is an accredited school that my company will pay reimbursement for, the Axia child company is not. Oh boy. Plus I punch in some numbers based on the information she gave me and it would really cost more like 20,000.00 dollars! Did she lie or is she unable to add? I called the Gum lady back and told I had made a mistake and needed to cancel my enrollment. I then called DATC and told them about my very sad fear of Math and they said they could get me up to speed in no time and that the credit hours would transfer over to Weber State University. Oh this feels a lot better all of a sudden! And so this is what I am going to do and I feel really super duper good about it.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you changed you mind. I do have an associates degree from a Cracker Jack College. In fact, I feel ashamed to admit I have an associates degree because I don’t believe I truly have one. As long as your HUGE Check clears they will give you a degree, the bigger the check the bigger the degree. I don’t think you would like this type of school. DATC is great and its more affordable. Then when you are ready go back to Weber State.

I am way excited for you to get back on track with your goals. This is awesome.


Texie said...

Thanks, I feel pretty good about it too! I will only go to DATC for one class so I guess the final decision is just to finish out with Weber like I should have been doing already!

Cygnus said...

I'm a big fan of going with "gut instincts," or "feelings." You absolutely dd the right thing! If for no othe reason than you feel so much better about your decision. That's awesome, Texie!

I'm going back to sleep. I've been up since 2:30 . . . sometimes, I just hate being me. :)

Texie said...

Chris, It must them lil' peeps keepin you up at night. I have no advice for that as I have never been a parent. But you guys swear its worth it, so happy daytime sleeping.

The Coopers said...

Tex, I love you! I was laughing out loud at your comment you left me about the potty. You crack me up. I think that actually might help her to do it, so I will give it a try and let you know how it goes! Good luck at the DATC! I think that's a great decision!

Texie said...

Ha alright give it a go! Remember to flail your arms and kick with your legs alot. its gotta have some kind of effect. Hopefully not the damaging kind:)