Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I dont even know what this is about

The worst thing ever is when you are having a spiritually 'challenged' time in your life for no dang reason at all!
The best thing ever is when someone says to you "This has nothing to do with spirituality" when referring to a very important goal of mine....because (and... sooo dont take this the wrong way) they are in so much worse shape than I. I dont mean this to sound judging because it is not. The person who said this to me... seems to be lacking a certain faith that I have found even in the greatest atheist or agnostic.

In fact I have a friend (a best friend) who dosent believe in God at all and she is such a beautiful caring person. I mean seriously no Christian would believe. I have another friend who considers herself a "Hopeful Agnostic" (adorable, that line makes me giggle a little everytime she says it) and she too is one of the most important, caring people in my life.

Its just a personal understanding about where you fit into the fabric of the universe. And honestly I used to know where I fit. I was a teeny tiny lint ball and now I seem to have fallen off my blanket.

Dispite that, I have a smile on my face because I have faith that I will find my blanket again. I just fell off it for a second... okay maybe a little longer than that.

I miss my girlfriends today. I hope you are having a good day. And I love you.


Beth said...

You are an important thread that makes up the colorful tapestry of my life.

Beth said...

Some times things fall apart so they can come together (this one is not mine)

Texie said...

Ohhh, see what I am talking about people (comments above). I love your guts!

Cygnus said...

it's always hard when you feel like you've lost the perspective through which you've been seeing life. what's important is that you get it back--either in its original form or new. no blanket worth its thread is complete without its "lint balls."

though i *really* love the analogy ... :)

i know this is like 2 weeks late and such. sorry.